Our Travel Agency “Reach Point Georgia” has become successful in a very short period of time, in the fast growing tourism market of Georgia. Being one of the leading companies nowadays we offer a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. Our company consists of highly qualified and experienced staff members that have worked in various capacities of tourism business. We also have local representatives in France, Italy, Russia, England and are partnered with travel companies in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. But it’s just the beginning.


Our country is world famous for its hospitality, thus “Reach Point Georgia” provides the warm and caring style of quality service in the distinct Georgian way. Our travel agency offers services all year long, with different tours catered to each particular season. We provide specially crafted tours that highlight and celebrate each distinct quality of Georgia. Whether it’s taking part in cultural events such as the grape harvest, ancient way of wine-making, tastings of Georgia's unique cuisine. Or participating in extreme adventures around our mountainous country, trying out snowshoeing or any other unorthodox way of travelling “Reach Point Georgia” is the only travel agency to offer such precise service.Your options for discovery are endless.


We also work with persons with various disabilities and are well equipped to arrange any special need accommodations and cater personalized all-inclusive tours to each and every visitor.


Our company takes personal interest in ensuring that every single guest leaves with the most spectacular impressions and lifelong memories of their time in our country. And desires that with years to come more and more people will visit stunning Georgia.

Services provided by us:

- Tour packages
- Transportation
- Accommodation
- Professional tour guides
- Airport transfers
- Travel insurance
- Excursions
- Luxury service
- Car rental service